Habit Energy

When: Tuesday, April 9, 6:00 pm

Where: NOCHS’ Community Room located at 1061 S. Beacon Blvd. (Use Four Pointes Entrance)

By simply noticing our daily choices we can make powerful lifestyle changes to better support our own well-being. Bringing awareness to the choices you are making, daily choices or in the moment, helps us to better understand the nourishing and non-nourishing choices we make to either support our well-being, or hamper it. Do you reach for a snack or caffeine every afternoon at 2PM? Do you stay up too late? Do you take the stairs or the elevator? Monica Verplank, local Mindfulness teacher, will discuss what how we form habits, uncover our own habit energy, and provide easy tips for creating new, healthier habits for your daily life.


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