100 Years of Health

Why do you live here?

Have you ever stopped to think about what draws you to this community? Maybe you adore the water and can’t get enough beach and boardwalk. Maybe your family loves the schools, vibrant downtown districts, parks and bike paths, or the bustling farmer’s markets. Or maybe you identify deeply with the sense of pride that drives people to shop, volunteer and give local.

Whatever your reason, it probably boils down to this:

You live here because this community prioritizes the things that matter to you and your family.

And there is a long line of people, who came before you, who made exactly the same choices. It began with our community’s founders, who took thoughtful, deliberate steps to create an infrastructure that would guarantee much of the quality of life we all enjoy today. One of the earliest and most important actions they took was establishing local health care…a bold move for a community of this size.

These leaders (whose names are still celebrated today) donated the building, the funds and the time to bring a vision of health and well-being to life. They believed that a hospital was central to a sustainable community, and that it mattered enough to merit significant investment.

One hundred years ago, our community chose to make itself better through local health care. We’re still making that choice today.

North Ottawa Community Health System is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. And it’s a milestone to be celebrated as one – one mission, one family, one community. After all, the health system is here for all of us.

Come celebrate with us, and learn about the incredible pioneers who explored the frontiers of health care right in this community. This is a year to be proud of our community, our health, and our freedom to invest in what matters most to us.

Celebrate what matters. Connect with us.

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