A Proud Legacy

One of the pleasures of living in a tight-knit community is that deep sense of belonging that people feel, especially after they have been there a while. As we celebrate our 100th anniversary this year, we are honoring many facets of belonging through our theme, “We are One (hundred).”

We are one with our community. The friendly faces you see downtown, in your neighborhood, at your church or at school are the same people who care for you when you walk in our doors.

We are one system. We’ve expanded greatly from our humble beginnings as a hospital. We now provide a continuum of care options in multiple locations. But no matter where you seek our services, we still know you and your family.

And we are one hundred years old. That’s a remarkable achievement. Not many organizations can say it. That’s because very few communities make the ongoing investments needed to ensure local access to health care.

Way back in 1919, community leaders took thoughtful, deliberate steps to provide local health care…an unprecedented move for a community of this size. Local leaders — whose names are still visible today — donated the building, the funds and the time to bring a vision to life. They “planted a flag,” staking out the position that a hospital impacted the health and wellness of each person here, and that those things mattered enough to merit investment.

One hundred years ago, our community chose to make itself better through local health care. We’re still “planting flags” by investing in excellent, local care.

We are excited about sharing our 100th anniversary milestone with you. After all, the health system exists solely for this community. We are proud of our legacy and our future, and hope you are, too.

I look forward to meeting you at the waterfront celebration on June 13. Connect with us on Facebook or sign up for our e-news at to learn about the amazing pioneers who explored the frontiers of health care right in this community.

This is a year to be proud of our community, our health, and our freedom to invest in what matters most to us.

In health,

Shelleye Yaklin

President and CEO of NOCHS

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