Congratulations, Kristyn Ireland – AHVRP President

Did you ever think it would be fun to work in a hospital? Kristyn Ireland thinks so. She’s the Manager of Volunteer Services and the Gift Shop at North Ottawa Community Health System. After 20 years, she says she loves her profession.


“Volunteers help us deliver extra touches for patients,” she explains. “Volunteers are the largest department in the health system. We have more than 300 people who generously give of their time and abilities because they care about people and about this community.

So much of healthcare is defined by reimbursements. Around the country, most hospitals have had to cut back on the extra touches for patients because they simply can’t afford the staff to pay for them. But volunteers restore many of those personal touches. “We have the equivalent of 11 full-time people volunteering every year,” Kristyn notes. “That’s more than 22,000 hours, with a value of over half a million dollars!”

Kristyn is a long-time member of the Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals. This year, she has been nominated as the incoming President, starting in January 2018.

“This is an honor and a privilege for me,” Kristyn says. “One of the things I love about AHVRP is that I get to see what people are doing to recruit, train, leverage and thank volunteers. I have seen first-hand that you can really impact patient outcomes with volunteer power. I am excited about helping to move the profession forward as we become even more effective in outreach to the community, and treating the whole person.”

Congratulations, Kristyn, on the work you do for NOCHS as well as for your passion to advance the role of volunteers in healthcare.

Would you like to get involved in this great organization? Become a NOCHS volunteer. We always need more people, and we can find the best fit for your interests and skills. Contact Kristyn at (616) 847-5215 to learn more.

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