Don’t Forget Your Fluids – Choose to Have Your Infusions at NOCHS

The human body is made up of mostly liquid. Sometimes we need more of it…like when we’re dehydrated or need a long-term antibiotic. Other times we need less of it, such as when extra blood must be drained in response to a specific disease. But when your doctor says you should visit an infusion clinic, we invite you to experience the simplicity and convenience of North Ottawa Community Hospital.

“We offer a wonderfully comfortable and convenient setting for what can be a tedious or repetitive treatment,” says Joyce Wiersma, Charge Nurse for the Infusion Clinic at NOCHS. “We have private rooms with guest seating and bathrooms. We welcome family to come in and out as they wish. We even provide a limited menu for patients and families so that they don’t have to pack a lunch for long treatments. We also have DVD players for movies, and free hospital-wide Wi-Fi access. Our whole goal is simplicity and comfort.”

As with many medical services, patients have a choice about where to go for care. Most insurance plans pay for treatment in an infusion clinic rather than in an Emergency Room or Urgent Care setting. It’s a lot more comfortable and convenient for both patients and their families.

So who needs an infusion clinic?

It’s often used by:
Cancer patients who are dehydrated after treatments
Pregnant women experiencing nausea or low blood iron
People who struggle to maintain their blood iron level
Patients who have a port or pick line and need a blood draw

So the next time you need an infusion clinic, ask your doctor to send you to NOCHS!


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