Expanded Cardiology on NOCHS Campus

Cardiology patients can require fairly intense treatment and testing. Many of these patients are older, and unable to drive themselves to appointments. That puts a supportive burden on friends and family, which becomes even greater if they have to drive to Grand Rapids.

West Shore Cardiology offers second-to-none expertise, right in Grand Haven. They are increasing their presence here because heart health is such a prevalent issue. Now the physicians will have office hours in Grand Haven 4-5 days per week to see patients and read test results. (Emergency test reads are available immediately.) They will also be available to consult with patients who have been admitted to North Ottawa Community Hospital. That can often prevent a transfer.

“We are very excited about expanding our relationship with North Ottawa,” says Dr. Thomas Hill of West Shore Cardiology. “We have nine physicians who could literally work anywhere because they are so skilled. They choose to live and work on the West Michigan lakeshore, and that’s a great benefit to every resident. This is a well-established group that has been providing open-heart surgery, coronary angioplasty and stenting since the 80s. We also implant pacemakers and defibrillators at Mercy. Our surgeons are affiliated with the University of Michigan, which expands our knowledge and resource base even further. We are happy to provide excellent service locally so that patients do not have to make the long drive to Grand Rapids or Ann Arbor.”

In addition to expanded hours, West Shore Cardiology is also bringing more of its services to Grand Haven. We have a congestive heart failure clinic in Muskegon,” notes Dr. Hill. “The patients who attend that clinic have seen remarkable improvement in their health, and their ability to avoid hospitalization. Our nurse practitioner that runs the program is now coming to Grand Haven once per month. In addition, we are now offering equipment checks for pacemakers and defibrillators once per month at the Grand Haven office.”

Cardiology is an extremely important service, and NOCHS is pleased to partner with West Shore Cardiology to bring excellent, highly qualified care to patients on the lakeshore.

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