Expanding in Spring Lake

NOCHS has always been a community-based healthcare provider. So when local developers approached us many years ago about the idea of locating selected medical services in Spring Lake, we felt this kind of “hyper-local” approach made sense. In collaboration with Mercy Health, we set up a primary care office plus medical imaging, lab services and physical therapy at Mill Point Health Center on Savidge Street.

Now, thanks to growth in our community, it’s time to expand. So NOCHS and Mercy Health have worked together to increase capacity at this service location.

“Together, NOCHS and Mercy Health are doubling the total space of the building,” says Shelleye Yaklin, President/CEO of NOCHS. “Mercy Health is almost tripling its primary care capacity, from three to eight physicians. NOCHS will be adding post concussion and comprehensive spine care to its physical therapy capabilities, as well as orthopedic and geriatric physical therapy.” The expansion project is slated for completion in June.

Thanks to its accessible location, Mill Point is a wonderful resource for residents of northern Ottawa County. “You don’t have to live in Spring Lake to use this resource,
and you don’t have to be a patient of a Mill Point doctor to use the other services,” notes Yaklin. “We have residents from Ferrysburg, Grand Haven, Spring Lake and beyond who use Mill Point for primary care, as well as ancillary services such as labs and x-rays when needed. It’s another service point in a convenient location to serve our entire community.”

“Collaborations work when the needs of a community are put first. NOCHS and Mercy Health recognize and respect that patients are naturally migrating between us. Our job is to respond in ways that make that easier for them.” (Shelleye Yaklin)

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