Get Off the Sidelines Faster

When athletes are injured, the typical treatment is rest, followed by “try it and see how it feels.” Weeks can go by. Dr. Brett Martin says there is a much better way.

Dr. Martin is North Ottawa Medical Group’s new Sports Medicine physician. He recently moved here from the east side of the state, where he worked for Henry Ford Hospital and treated professional athletes from the Detroit Lions, Tigers and Red Wings. He knows what works and what doesn’t, and now his expertise can benefit you.

“No matter what your sport, or how intense your involvement, I provide immediate care that will help you heal as quickly and efficiently as possible,” says Dr. Martin.“I can assess what is needed, and give you the right combination of treatment, including therapy, stretching, and injections. If you need a specialist, I can expedite the referral. I help you stay active, while treating the injury so that you recover as quickly as possible.”

Dr. Martin also spends a lot of his time on prevention education. There are many things athletes can do to minimize their risk and stay healthy. He teaches those skills to sports enthusiasts of all types.

Special Care for Student Athletes
Competition is intense for student athletes. They can’t afford to lose a day to injury, much less weeks. Now students can visit Aaron Reitman, the new NOCHS Athletic Trainer at Grand Haven High School, and get connected to our sports medicine expertise.

“Sports seasons are short, and student athletes don’t want to miss anything,” says Aaron. “I can connect them immediately to Dr. Martin, and see them every day in my office. This helps them heal as quickly as possible, while also protecting them from long-term injuries.” Call 616.844.4502 for an appointment that will get you back in the game!

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