If you need help NOW, then you need NOCHS!

An emergency is defined as “a sudden, urgent, usually unexpected occurrence or occasion requiring immediate action.” Immediacy becomes even more important in a medical emergency.  When you come to the NOCHS Emergency Room, you’ll go from door to doctor in just 16 minutes.

“The average wait time nationally for a hospital of our size is 26 minutes,” says Dr. Nathan Arnold, Emergency Room physician. “The ER wait time for all hospitals nationwide is 45 minutes.  So clearly, our patients are being seen faster.”

How have we achieved this significant improvement?  “For starters, the new ER is sized for our community,” Dr. Arnold points out. “That means we have enough rooms.  We’re not putting people in the hallways. No kidding…it happens in other places that don’t have enough ER capacity.”

In addition to having enough capacity, we have also analyzed the entire treatment process. “Every step of a patient’s journey is tracked through our Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system,” Dr. Arnold explains. “We know exactly how long it takes to accomplish each step.  That means we can identify and streamline the bottlenecks.”

Emergency Department Manager Michele Laurino notes that the ER team tracked patient experience data over an extended period of time. They then used the information to make process improvements that condense wait time. “If there’s an open room, we bring the patient in right away,” she says. “We also have standing orders for tests like x-rays and EKGs when they are indicated.  We don’t have to wait for a doctor to begin that process.  It’s now typical to hand the doctor the test results as he or she is walking in the door to see the patient. These, and other small changes, have collectively driven our wait time down.  Our patients are seeing a doctor or provider in 16 minutes.”

But there’s more to a good ER experience than speed.  “No one wants to visit the Emergency Room,” notes Dr. Arnold.  “However, we want each experience to be as positive as we can make it.  Speed is certainly one element of that experience.  But so are other things, like only having to tell your story once, and having a private room in which to be treated rather than a curtained cubicle.”

The quality of the outcome is perhaps the most important thing of all. NOCHS scores above the national standard for every ER quality metric.  In addition, we are connected to the best regional providers for the conditions that go beyond our scope.  “If you come to NOCHS and are experiencing liver failure, for example, we will stabilize you.  Then we can get you directly to Henry Ford in Detroit because they’re the experts in that field,” says Dr. Arnold.  “Think of it like air travel.  Most of the time, you can ‘fly direct’ and get the care you need right here.  But if not, we make one connection for you, and you’re at your healthcare destination.”

We’re excited to offer an ER experience that goes beyond expectations.  That’s why we’re sharing the news in the billboards you might have seen around town.  What’s really fun is that our patients have also noticed and are sharing the story themselves.  “We had a patient come to the ER recently with a friend,” recalls Michele Laurino.  “They had been waiting together at another ER for an hour and a half.  The friend, who was the driver, suggested that they go instead to where he received his care.  They left the other hospital, drove to our ER, and zipped right in.”

“Speedy and efficient.”  That’s how our patients sum up the NOCHS ER experience.  The next time you need emergency services, we hope you will rely on us for fast, quality care.

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