It’s time to get your flu shot at Dunewood Pharmacy.

Flu season officially begins October 1, and runs through early April. Influenza is a nasty disease, but we have an effective vaccine and it’s time to get one. Here’s the final article in our series explaining the what, why and how of flu shots. This time: when and where can you get one?

Q. When should I plan to get my flu shot?
A. The best time to get your flu shot is in October. That’s because the vaccine’s effectiveness decreases over time. So if you get your shot too early, you are not as well protected during the height of the flu season. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends you get your flu vaccine in October. We will begin offering the 2020 flu shot on October 1 at Dunewood Pharmacy.

Q. Where can I get a flu shot?
A. Your primary care or pediatrician’s office can administer the vaccine if you happen to have an appointment in October. You can also visit Dunewood Pharmacy (in the Harbor Dunes Health Center at 1445 Sheldon Road) any time during business hours to get your flu shot.

Q. Do I need an appointment to get my flu shot?
A. At Dunewood Pharmacy, we provide flu shots on a walk-in basis. Since we do serve the hospital and Heartwood Lodge, our mornings tend to be very busy! You might want to consider an afternoon visit to help minimize your wait.

Q. Does insurance cover the cost?
A. Virtually every insurance pays the full cost of the flu shot.

Q. If I can’t get a flu shot in October, what should I do?
A. October is ideal, but any prevention is better than none at all. Remember that the flu season typically lasts until April, so a shot in November or even December still offers you significant protection. The bottom line? Get your flu shot as soon as you can.

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