“Joint” Effort Provides Big Rewards Expanding Orthopedic Expertise at NOCHS

The adult human body has 206 bones. Those bones represent a lot of potential orthopedic challenges. When one of them goes bad, you need expert help.

That’s why NOCHS has teamed up with Orthopedic Associates of Muskegon (OAM) to provide a local portal to highly qualified experts. “You need a large geographic service area to provide comprehensive orthopedic care,” says Julie Greene, CEO of OAM. “That’s because a relatively small number of people in any community needs a spine or elbow specialist, for example. By serving a larger area, you have enough demand to keep a specialist busy.”

That could mean a lot of travel for patients in northern Ottawa County. So as part of our commitment to comprehensive care, NOCHS and OAM worked together to significantly expand onsite services in Grand Haven. “It’s important to have an independent orthopedic group serving the lakeshore,” continues Julie. “The OAM physicians go to multiple locations so that it is easier for patients to get care. This increases convenience for patients, giving them local help for virtually any orthopedic need.”

  • When Grand Haven Bone and Joint merged with OAM, we were able to leverage all 18 physicians and their expertise for NOCHS patients. Why does this matter?
  • NOCHS patients may get same-day appointments in Grand Haven.
    Drs. Bakker, Baszler and Dabrowski (Grand Haven- based) are now MAKO® technology certified for robotic-assisted hip and knee replacements.
  • OAM has fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons on the lakeshore…providers who have significant additional training and expertise.
  • NOCHS patients now have access to far more specialties in Grand Haven– so there’s no need to travel for care.
  • OAM has an office-based orthopedic and sports medicine urgent care, which is more specialized and less expensive than the Emergency Room.

“The training, breadth and depth of services we offer to NOCHS patients is astounding for a community of this size,” Julie adds. “We have a lot of surgeons who are committed to serving the community.”

Ask your doctor for a referral if you need orthopedic care.

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