Little Victories Add Up to a Big Win

It is not easy to maintain a healthy weight. Fast food is convenient. Fresh produce can be expensive. And time is at a premium for many of us. That all adds up to excess pounds for a lot of people.

People who come to the NOCHS Bariatric Clinic have usually tried other weight loss options without success. Sometimes there is a physical reason why they cannot lose weight. Sometimes there is an emotional component. But whatever the reason, patients need the structure and support to help them achieve little victories that add up to a big win. That’s what the patients in the photo above achieved by running their first 5K race.

The Bariatric Clinic at NOCHS offers
two options:
• Non-surgical weight loss: weekly classes, lab work, education and exercise. This also includes the new Orbera™ weight
loss balloon procedure recently approved by the FDA.
• Surgical weight loss: there are several options here, depending on the patient’s health and needs. All involve extended planning, counseling and support.

The NOCHS Bariatric Clinic recently received accreditation through the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP). This means that the hospital performs a large number of surgeries each year, in addition to following rigorous quality standards and achieving favorable clinical outcomes in weight loss surgery.

Dr. James Foote is the Medical Director of the NOCHS Bariatric Clinic, and also a graduate of Grand Haven High School.

He says, “I came to NOCHS because of the excellent ratings it receives, and because the hospital expects nothing less than superior quality in all areas. Now we can demonstrate that quality in bariatric services through this accreditation.”

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