Local People Caring For Local People

“One of the most altruistic dreams we see in medicine is that of kids who want to grow up and be hometown doctors. And here it really happens,” says Connie Gnegy, Executive Director of Physician Practices at NOCHS.

NOCHS has steadily and thoughtfully increased its primary care capacity over the last four years. That’s not easy to do. “Filling an opening takes about 18 months,” says Connie. “We are working very far in advance to fill this community’s care needs. People want to come to this community. They want to work where they live, and make a difference by serving their neighbors. You might even notice that more and more of our physicians are hometown folks returning to their roots.“

How much capacity do we have? North Ottawa Medical Group was started in 2012 with three physicians. Now we have 31 practicing professionals, and we’re not done growing. “Our plan is to have enough new providers to cover an additional 11,000 patients by the end of 2017,” says Connie. “That’s a 50 percent increase over last year.”

We’ve done more than just hire physicians. We have also dramatically expanded our team to include mid-level providers (such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants). How does this benefit our patients? You can get in to see a mid-level much faster than a physician. A midlevel provider can prescribe, treat, diagnose and educate. They collaborate intensively with the physicians so that you get the care you need when you need it. Think of it as a merge ramp into primary care rather than a stoplight. We help you access care faster and more smoothly.
You can get to know our team members with the photos and information on the next page. We look forward to meeting you, and becoming your local care provider.

If you’re looking for routine care for you and/or your family, please contact Family Medicine at (616) 846-2640. If you’re an adult who has more complex care needs, please contact Internal Medicine at (616) 844-4701.

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