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Convenience plays a big role in health care. You spend enough time in the doctor’s office itself…you don’t want to have to drive, too! At the same time, you also want the best possible care. At NOCHS, you can have convenience and excellence. But don’t take our word for it. Look at the accreditations we’ve earned in our Center for Sleep Disorders and our Bariatric Clinic.

The medical accreditations of excellence are not as well known as, say, the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.” But the idea is similar. Each medical specialty has a professional body that sets standards for best-in-class performance. They also have auditors who test providers against those standards. Organizations that meet the standards earn accreditation for a period of time.

We wanted to let you know about two important accreditations that we have earned. The first, a brand-new one, is from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Our Medical Director, Dr. Mehul B. Patel, is board-certified in sleep, pulmonology and intensive care. The professionals in our Center for Sleep Disorders went through a rigorous documentation of 70 process standards for our practice. Then they passed a comprehensive on-site interview. So even though our Center is small, it meets all the high standards required to achieve accreditation.

If you have trouble sleeping, you want to see an accredited professional. Sleep is critical to your overall health. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body does not heal and regenerate itself. You won’t function at 100 percent during the day. And, of course, you become susceptible to colds and other illnesses when you are worn out. Dr. Patel and the team will evaluate patients for physical disorders (such as sleep apnea). They will also check for habits that detract from quality sleep (like napping, or screen use before bedtime). Then they will recommend a course of action to help you get back on track with quality sleep.

The second quality certification that you should know about is for our Bariatric Center. Bariatric surgical professionals developed the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP). Our Bariatric Clinic achieved this rigorous credentialing in 2016. This means we have one of the best bariatric clinics in the country. Some insurance programs require that patients go to an accredited facility. This accreditation makes it easy for tri-cities residents to receive excellent, covered care right at home.

The Bariatric Clinic offers two options for weight loss. The first is a medical weight loss program. This non-surgical option consists of weekly classes, lab work, education and exercise. Patients also interact with a dietitian, an exercise physiologist and a behaviorist. The other option is bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery can help reduce or eliminate other health issues such as hypertension, high cholesterol and sleep apnea. It will have a lifelong impact and help you become a healthier person.

Be an educated consumer! Choose an accredited provider. You can find accredited providers for either of these two specialties here:

Sleep Center Accreditation

Bariatric Accreditation


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