Make a Plan to Get Vaccinated: Part Three

This final article in our series on vaccinations is entitled Get the Vaccine. (Here are links to the previous articles, Learn the Facts and Apply the Facts, if you missed them.) Feel free to forward, repost and share these stories so that we get accurate, scientific information into the hands of our neighbors, rather than the misinformation that is so rampant.

As with the first two articles, the following content relates to both the Pfizer as well as the Moderna vaccine.

Q.  When will the vaccine be available to me?
A.   This is the question we all wish we could answer! There are really two parts to it: one we can answer well, and one we can’t answer at all. In terms of eligibility for the vaccine, the federal government (through the CDC) has made recommendations about who should be vaccinated first, second, third, etc. The State of Michigan is following those recommendations. You can find that list from the CDC here. The list seems to have stabilized and we expect it to remain mostly the same at this point. The second part of the answer, however, relates to when we can actually get the vaccine here. That’s a completely different problem. Supplies of the vaccine are extremely difficult to obtain. NOCHS has been advocating diligently at the state and national level to obtain the needed supplies. As soon as we obtain the supplies, we will schedule vaccinations at our clinic.

The State of Michigan recently released this vaccination timeline. Dates are estimated and expected to change base on availability.

Q.  What will the vaccine cost me?
A.   The vaccine itself will be free to you because the federal government has picked up the cost of development. Your insurance should pay the cost of administering the vaccine. If you do not have insurance, you can still receive the vaccine at our clinic. Just let us know at the time of registration.

Q.  Where do I go to get a vaccination?
A.   There will be many locations to get the vaccine throughout the lakeshore area. You can register online to receive email or text notifications when you are eligible for the vaccination at NOCHS’ Covid-19 vaccine clinic. You can also look for other clinics through out West Michigan by visiting

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