Midwest Alternative to Opioids (ALTO) Project

North Ottawa Community Health System has elected to participate in the Midwest Alternative to Opioids (ALTO) Project, a program that aims to reduce the administration of opioids in emergency departments (EDs) across Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. North Ottawa Community Health System’s goal is to help patients improve pain management, return them to a maximum level of function and independence and restore their quality of life. Our hospital and clinicians are committed to understand and individually treat patients’ physical and emotional symptoms of pain.

Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin hospitals, particularly their EDs, are in a strong position to integrate new, more effective pain management treatments that are tailored to each patient’s unique pain experience.

The Midwest ALTO Project is led by the Great Lakes Partners for Patients Hospital Improvement Innovation Network in partnership with the Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin Hospital Associations, their states respective Quality Improvement Organizations and their Chapters of the American College of Emergency Physicians, Wisconsin Emergency Nurses Association and Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin.

For questions, contact Tina Quinn, Emergency Department Manager at 616-847-5341 or

The Emergency Department at North Ottawa Community Health System is not changing to be opioid free. We still recognize that there are patients and conditions that are appropriate to treat with opioids and do offer them if alternative therapies fail. Our ED providers and staff will continue to accommodate all patients’ needs.

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