Need diagnostic testing? NOCHS is open, convenient and safe!

There’s a big backlog of testing to be done now that non-emergency medical services are opening up.  Everything from routine diagnostics to pre-surgical testing is available to you at NOCHS.  Here are a few good reasons to come to our campus.

It’s small.  If you would like to stay away from crowds of people, then why go to a big hospital for testing?  We have one main entrance, where everyone is screened prior to entry.  Once you’re in, our diagnostic services are a 2-minute walk from the front door.  You don’t even have to get on an elevator!

We have complete services.  We offer onsite x-ray, mammography, CT scan, MRI, EKG, laboratory, endoscopy, biopsy and more.  You can have virtually any routine diagnostic or screening test done here.  We’ll send your results anywhere they need to go.

Expert radiologists onsite.  Our onsite radiologists look at diagnostic tests immediately.  Your test is read and reported on in 24 hours or less.  And although most tests are not life or death, our radiologist can literally be at the bedside in minutes if there’s a question to be answered or a judgment call to make.

Safety.  We’re mandated by the State of Michigan to post data about COVID-positive patients who are either inpatient or in ICU.  You can look at any hospital’s data here.  Most days, our number for both categories is zero.  And while we certainly have the systems and capacity to serve anyone who has COVID-19, we’re also taking extraordinary precautions to make sure all patients and staff remain healthy.

Although our world still seems surreal at times, life marches on and people still need medical care.  What’s it like to come to NOCHS for a diagnostic test?

Julie Hordyk can tell you more about it, because she just had an MRI at NOCHS.I felt completely safe having my MRI at North Ottawa,” Julie says.  “I injured both knees in March, but I’ve had to wait until COVID restrictions lifted so that I could see an orthopedic surgeon for treatment.  My knees and I were extremely grateful for the super-close parking and the short walk to medical imaging!   Along the way, everyone I saw wore a mask.  No exceptions.  It was far less stressful than being at the grocery store, where so many people ignore the face covering rule! And the icing on the cake is that NOCHS has the new open MRI.  My head and shoulders were out of the machine, so I didn’t have to struggle with claustrophobia.  Hallelujah!  It was completely stress-free and I felt 100 percent comfortable.  Ten minutes after my test was done, I was back home.  It literally could not have been more convenient. I know I have the right to choose where I go for testing.  I will always choose NOCHS.”

We would love to take care of you and your health.  Just tell your doctor you’d like your testing done at NOCHS.

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