ORBERA®: A new weight loss option from the experts at NOCHS Bariatric Clinic

You’ve tried a weight loss program and/or exercise without the success you were hoping to have. You’re not a candidate for bariatric surgery.

Now there is a new option!

Introducing the ORBERA® balloon from NOCHS Bariatric Clinic. We are pleased to offer this non-surgical weight loss option that has been growing in popularity during the past two decades. It is FDA approved, and more than 220,000 of them have been placed in the United States.

How does it work? The balloon is inserted into the stomach while the patient is under light sedation. Then the balloon is filled with saline. Since the stomach feels full, patients are not as hungry and they eat less. After six months, the balloon is removed. As with any weight loss program, diet and exercise are critical elements of success. “We highly recommend that our patients take advantage of our medical weight loss program as well,” says Stacy Suarez, Medical Weight Loss Coordinator of the NOCHS Bariatric Clinic.

“Our dietitians and exercise physiologists can provide patients with the support and education they need to start making better choices. Once the balloon is removed, the goal is to have changed old behavior patterns to ensure the weight stays off.”

Who is a candidate for this procedure? ORBERA® is right for people who have struggled to lose weight with diet and exercise alone, but who are not candidates for bariatric surgery. “If you’re looking to lose 40–50 pounds this might be a good option for you,” says Stacy. “We are offering the ORBERA® balloon because it provides patients another choice in addition to medical and surgical weight loss. This option is designed to help patients lose enough weight to relieve joint pain, re- energize their efforts around diet and exercise, and improve their overall health.”

If you have questions about weight loss options,contact the NOCHS Bariatric Clinic at 616.847.5489.

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