Pioneering Neurosurgeons: Lakeshore Office Now Open

When there’s something wrong with your brain or spinal cord, who do you want working on you? Most people would say, “The best surgeon I can get.”

Let us introduce Dr. Justin Clark. He’s a partner at Great Lakes Neurosurgical Associates, an independent practice of pioneering experts located in Grand Rapids. Dr. Clark and team have opened a satellite office in Grand Haven to bring their extraordinary expertise to the lakeshore. He will hold clinic hours once per month, and the entire practice will be on call and available for consultation.

Why did they choose to team up with North Ottawa? “We are an independent physician group,” Dr. Clark says. “We admire what NOCHS is doing to stay independent as well. So many hospitals limit choices. NOCHS encourages them. We felt like that was a good fit. We also have many patients on the lakeshore, and felt it was time to have a presence out here.”

Dr. Clark is a top-notch surgeon and innovator in his field. He graduated near the top of his class at the University of Michigan, and received the prestigious Dean’s Award for Research, which is presented annually to the most outstanding student researcher of his/her graduating class.

Dr. Clark then completed his residency at The Barrow Neurological Institute. (If you’re not familiar with this particular school, note that US News & World Report ranked it #2 in the country…ahead of Johns Hopkins and Harvard!)

What does it mean to have an expert of this caliber so accessible for lakeshore residents? “The biggest impact is how we can speed up diagnosis and treatment,” says Dr. Clark. “We are available for immediate consultations on just about any case. This means the patient gets an answer and a course of treatment for their neurological condition straight away, instead of having to go to multiple appointments in order to find the specialist they need.” Proximity also plays a huge role in patient comfort. “Our patients are often in severe pain,” he notes. “They may have to stop every 10 minutes during a drive because the pain can be so excruciating. If we see and treat them here, virtually all of the car ride pain is eliminated.”

Dr. Clark is a native of West Michigan, and is thrilled to be working on the lakeshore. “You want people to come to your community for the right reasons,” he says. “West Michigan has always been home for me, and this is where I plan to stay.”

Your physician can make a referral to Dr. Clark.

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