From A-Z: Complete Pediatric Care at NOCHS

You haven’t seen panic until you’ve seen a parent with a sick child.  They will move heaven and earth to get the right care, right now, when a child needs help.

Fortunately, parents on the lakeshore don’t have to worry about finding excellent care.  NOCHS has an entire spectrum of pediatric care for children of all ages and all levels of need.

Securing the First Moments: Family Birthing Unit

More than 300 families celebrate the joy of a new baby every year at NOCHS’ Family Birthing Unit.  Moms who plan to come to the Family Birthing Unit write up specific care plans around topics such as drug use, immunizations, cultural preferences and more.  Then when the baby arrives, mom is encouraged to stay with the infant 24/7, while receiving support for breastfeeding and newborn care.  We track many quality measurements and also simulate emergency drills so that we are ready for anything.

Sometimes those first moments involve critical complications.  We have the expertise to provide the right care for even the tiniest, most vulnerable patients.  And if baby’s health requires a transfer, we’ll have the neonatal intensive care transport ready to go to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital or Mercy Health immediately.

Raising a Healthy Child: Pediatric Health Care

North Ottawa Medical Group’s Pediatrics office provides expert, collaborative care so that parents feel comfortable and in control of decisions about their children’s health and well being.  From day one in the birthing unit, to all the days that follow in our Pediatric practice, we focus on holistic care, parental choice, and lots of open dialogue.  It’s certainly very convenient to have your doctor’s office right around the corner from school, work, home, and all the other obligations of life!  With the comprehensive services of the hospital backing them up, our Pediatrics Group can treat virtually any need right here at home. Whether your child is healthy, not feeling well or has a complex medical condition, your NOMG pediatric team is here to help.

 Meeting Special Needs: Pediatric Rehab

No two children are the same.  They all have different personalities, different abilities, and progress at different rates.   Sometimes rehabilitation services are needed to help them get over bumps in the road or conquer more difficult challenges.  That’s what rehabilitation is designed to accomplish.

“We always invite dialogue,” says Aleece Passow, Clinical Manager at NOCHS Rehab.  “If you notice something that doesn’t seem quite right, talk to your child’s pediatrician. It is so much easier to evaluate and treat issues up front, rather than to hope that a child will just ‘grow out of it.’  Sometimes it only takes one visit to address a problem that could have become quite serious if untreated. Early intervention is always the best strategy.”

Some children need rehab care right from the beginning.  Samantha (Sami) Deur is a good example. Sami suffered a stroke at five months old during surgery to repair a heart malformation.

“The doctors gave us a whole list of things Sami would never do,” her parents, Kory and Heidi, recall.  “She proved them all wrong.  Sami is now four, and has made huge gains.  She just never gives up.”

For this family, intensive rehab at NOCHS is part of daily life.  It’s critical to have that service close to home.  They bring Sami in three times every week to work on walking, mobility in her left hand, and communication.  “We make therapy fun,” says David Eilers, speech therapist.  “The kids are working but they don’t realize it.  We’re playing to achieve an outcome.”

Teamwork Gets Results

It takes a village to raise a child.  It also takes a complete, expert, collaborative team.  Everyone at NOCHS — from the Family Birthing Unit to Pediatrics to Rehab — is part of that team.  We look forward to serving your family’s needs!

If you’re ready to make quality, convenience and choice part of your child’s health care experience, please contact us:

  • Women’s Health: 616.847.2500
  • NOMG Pediatrics: 616.844.4523
  • Pediatric Rehabilitation: 616.847.5293



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