Ask a Doc: Breast Health
September 23, 2019

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Ladies: NOCHS Has a Better Mammogram Experience. Go Do It!
September 12, 2019

There are a lot of things I dread when it comes to my personal health.  I despise going to the… Read More

Important Safety Information for Our Patients: Biotin (Vitamin B7) Interferes with Many Lab Tests
September 6, 2019

North Ottawa Community Health System would like you to be aware that some laboratory tests can be affected by high… Read More

Centennials, New Leadership and Growth… Joy Gaasch, Chamber President, Is NOCHS New Board President
August 20, 2019

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Sleeping Not as EZ-Z-Z As It Should Be? Talk to the professionals at NOCHS’ Center for Sleep Disorders

Anyone who has spent the night staring at the clock, tossing and turning, knows that sleeplessness can ruin the whole… Read More

Waterfront Walk for Hospice of North Ottawa Community
August 15, 2019

Saturday, September 21, 2019 Lynne Sherwood Waterfront Stadium | Grand Haven 8:30 am: Registration | 9:30 am: Welcome/Warm Up |… Read More

Lunch Bunch Fall Schedule

Hospice of North Ottawa Community offers you the opportunity to dine with others who have lost someone special. We meet… Read More

Excellent Outcomes: Great Surgeons + Robotic Technology
July 19, 2019

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction, doesn’t it? Yet robotic-assisted surgeries are now the standard of care for… Read More

It’s a Girl! First baby born at Elizabeth Hatton Memorial Hospital on July 4, 1919
June 21, 2019

The 4th of July is a big deal in Grand Haven today. We’ve got fireworks. We have crowds. We block… Read More

EMS Excellence: Celebrating 50 Years and The Pioneers Who Helped Us Get Here
June 18, 2019

We’re also celebrating the 50th anniversary of ambulance service at NOCHS this year. We recently sat down with Dr. Jack… Read More